Melon Playground Game Online Play Free

A large area for experimentation in which you have access to numerous arsenal. All this you are able to find in Melon Playground.

This game allows you to build different mechanisms on your own and see what will happen to your subjects. It is possible for you to play both on the computer with special emulators, and on your mobile device.

On the left you are able to find tabs that have all the objects you may add to the location. In one of them you can find anthropomorphic fruits and vegetables that are in the location you have created. On the right side you have a chance to manipulate the time. Either pause it or speed it up. That way, if something goes wrong, there is always a possibility to quickly fix it.

Going back to the tabs, you have a lot of arsenals to choose from. These are different swords and hammers, which you are capable of using in your mechanisms and making deadly traps. These may be explosives.

There are also firearms and throwing weapons. Therefore, you are up to using anything you want. So, your main goal is to choose everything you need and combine it into something that works, and then watch the consequences of what your creation is going to do.

Next, when you have decided what you want, start dragging and dropping objects. It is possible for you to place them in the location however you want. In addition, you can connect them into one piece. Therefore, it is a single mechanism. Once you have everything ready, place the test subject and watch what happens.

It is also worth noting that there may be more than one test subject in the room at a time. Therefore, you are capable of making it so that the actions are performed gradually. In this way certain parts will depend on the other. In general, since Melon Playground is a sandbox, everything will depend only on your imagination, so be creative.