Melon Playground 2 Game Online Play Free

Create mechanisms and traps in Melon Playground! This sandbox allows you to create a location where anything can happen. Therefore, the only thing you need here is your imagination to create a room.

It is worth noting that there are numerous items to interact with. You are able to add different weapons. They may be firearms, explosives, or even edged weapons. Therefore, if you want to put something on the location, just drag it to the necessary place.

Since you’re the creator, you are up to arranging things however you want. You are even equal to connecting them together if you need. Therefore, you are not limited in any way. So it is possible for you to make whole mechanisms that are interconnected with each other.

On this basis, it is possible to make them run cyclically and depend on each other. It makes the process more interesting and you will definitely need more tries to get it right.

In addition, there is also a possibility to put one or more test subjects to a location. They look like anthropomorphic products. If you want to secure them, you are up to adding armor. This can be something modern like a bulletproof vest or helmet. Or if you are a fan of medievalism, you are up to choosing armor.

Therefore, the likelihood that he might fall before his time is much lower. Once everything is ready, you are able to click on launch and watch what happens. If you don’t like something, you are capable of pausing and changing it at any time. After that, you are capable of restarting everything again. Therefore, in principle, you are free to control the process.

It is worth mentioning that at the moment you are able to play only the first part of this game. But the developers are constantly updating it and adding new items or subjects. Therefore, you will definitely be interested to find out what new objects do or how they affect your characters. Also, you can’t deny that a new part may be released later, and it will have even more features.