Melon Playground Game Online Play Free

Melon Playground is an interesting interactive simulator that allows you to carry out various experiments and build mechanisms. To implement all this, you are provided with a variety of functionality. Therefore, use everything and turn on your imagination.

You are able to download and play the game on your mobile phone. Or if you are a PC lover, then use the emulator and start creating from the screen of your computer. Sometimes it is much more comfortable to play with a mouse than to tap on the phone screen.

Your Test Subjects

The functionality allows you to choose the characters that may participate in your experiments. You have anthropomorphic fruits and vegetables to select from. Now there are four of them, but developers sometimes add someone new. You are capable of placing them on the location and making them part of your big mechanism. And also watch how they will interact with a particular object.

Although the graphics here are quite simple, and more specifically pixelated, the physics is done very well. Therefore, everything that you do is as realistic as possible. Namely, explosions, shots, falls and so on. Therefore, if you are a fan of sandbox games, then you definitely like to implement your ideas here.

Available Arsenal

There are many weapons and objects here that you have a chance to interact with. All you need is simply drag them to the location. Then you are able to place it the way you want it and continue building your test space.

You are also up to connecting things and materials to each other. And then they become one. Therefore, if you use your imagination to the maximum, you have the opportunity to come up with something fascinating. Make something really spectacular and impressive, so nobody is going to know what the examinee is expecting.

On the left you are capable of finding the corresponding tabs. In Living just the same, you get a subject. Next, there is a possibility to add something from Stabbing or Blunt. You can either just drop them on anthropomorphic vegetables and fruits, or make a kind of trap. It is just the same when triggered and is able to drop the gun in one place or another. Therefore, it is even more exciting, because in the process of its construction it is possible to encounter difficulties that have to be solved in the process.

There are also firearms and throwing weapons. You can also think of a scenario in which it will work and implement it. In addition, it is possible for you to take different grenades and other explosives. Then throw them to the room and see what is going to happen.

You are also up to equipping your examinees, so they don’t get hurt too much in the process. Therefore, you have a separate tab with armor, where you are up to finding body armor, helmets and even armor!

Therefore, in general, such games develop imagination and help you develop engineering thinking. For this reason, while you play, you are capable of learning how to build mechanisms and see how one object can affect another. And also to see how dangerous this or that weapon may be.